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Isn't "defeat" more like a trial to overcome?
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The only thing than can catch up to him is the ball.

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Seeing him up close, the words "serious" and "polite" seem to fit him well.

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I guess you don’t remember that number because you only saw it once on television.

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Nishinoya to the rescue

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get to know me meme [2/5] relationships → mertina (grey’s anatomy)

"You’re my person."

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The Last -Naruto the Movie- Extended Trailer

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get to know me meme: [1/5] protagonists  Edward Elric

"Stand up and walk. Keep moving forward. You’ve got two good legs. So get up and use them. You’re strong enough to make your own path."

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Anonymous asked: Random question: Do you have any pets?

Ow, yes. I have a dog, two rabbits and three cats. She’s the new arrival #cute

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